Festival halls

We renamed our 4 stages in 2019, in tribute to one of the founders of the Folk Festival and to Walloon music.


Lejeune hall

Named after Jean-Louis Lejeune, who died in 2001, owner of “la Boîte à Musique” in Lavoir, a small music school where traditional music is played. Meetings of musicians also take place there, the Music Box becomes a mini cultural centre. Then in 1992, a crazy idea was launched “what if we organized a festival ?”. Jean-Louis knocks on the door of his parents-in-law, owners of the Moulin de Ferrière... The Folk Festival was launched!


Charneux hall

Named after Constant Charneux, from the region of Bastogne, who died in 1975, fiddler of an unusual instrument, a violin whose sound box has been replaced by a diaphragm and a phonograph cornet! Father of six children, ball host, acrobat with his instrument, decried by “right-thinking” people, he had only one dream, to make people dance to local tunes !

Constant Charneux (photo Maurice Flamand, Champs in 1973)

Source : https://www.canardfolk.be/index.php?rub=282&sub=283


Melchior hall

Named after Elisabeth Melchior, who died in 1999, accordionist and singer from the Malmedy region. An extraordinary musician, a very simple and very likeable little lady, she had written down the words of many old songs, a real treasure for Wallonia. She left us a repertoire taken up by many musicians and dance groups.

Elisabeth Melchior (to the left) (photo Françoise Lempereur)


Source : https://www.canardfolk.be/index.php?rub=282&sub=288


Schmitz hall

Named after Henri Schmitz, who died in 1977, violinist from the Bastogne region. Great host of balls, musical evenings, dances, songs, stories... A good part of his repertoire comes from his grandfather, via his father... A beautiful family who knew how to transmit many pieces of the Walloon repertoire.

Source : https://www.canardfolk.be/index.php?rub=282&sub=290