SATURDAY 11th of September 2021

3 pm

PIC-NIC RENDEZ-VOUS (Perry Rose & Rachel Ponsonby) : musical performance for young people and all ages


Video La Famille Grenouilles

Video It’s A Beautiful Day (live session)

Rachel Ponsonby : vocals, piano, clarinet, bugle, saxophone, flute, penny whistle, dance 

Perry Rose : vocals, piano, banjolele, toy piano, bodrhan, baritone tuba, xylophone, dance


6 pm

Concert DUO MACKE-BORNAUW (Birgit Bornauw & Benjamin Macke)

Video Curly Music - Trilt den Boer/Pachelbel's Frolics

Video Duo Macke-Bornauw & François Lazarevitch - Les Singes Verts

After It's Baroque to my Ears, Duo Macke-Bornauw introduce Curly Music, a concert between baroque music and traditional music.

Birgit Bornauw : Flemish bagpipe and musette de Cour

Benjamin Macke : diatonic accordion and footbass


9 pm

Concert NISIA TRIO (Vincent Noiret, Emanuela Lodato & Jonathan De Neck)

Video Casa r'incanti

Video Musical Love in Time of Corona

Nisia is the outcome of the encounter of two very different musical spheres, the traditional music of southern Italy and the European jazz/folk. 

The result of this meeting is a repertoire rich in emotion, humour, passion and cheerfulness. 

Inspired by the ancient musical and rhythmic traditions of regions such as Sicily, Calabria, Campania, the percussionist and singer Emanuela Lodato and the double bass player Vincent Noiret reinterpret, compose, combine, create their own style which, like a thousand-year-old olive tree spreads its roots deep underneath and lifts up its branches and its fruit towards the sky. 

Lullabies, ballads, songs for work, for fighting, for love, for celebrations, melodies to dance to the rousing rhythm of tarantellas : all this builds up their repertoire and their research. 

A research that aims, above all, at a better understanding of oneself and of the other : where do we come from ? Where are we heading to ? Could we, thanks to music, go past the linguistic and cultural barriers that weigh heavily on our society ? 

Vincent Noiret : double bass, chitarra battente, vocals 
Emanuela Lodato : frame drums, vocals, jaw harp 
Jonathan De Neck : diatonic accordion