Théâtre des Marionnettes de Mabotte

Puppet Theater from Liege (Wallonia)

A traditional puppet theater from Liège has enough to delight the youngest among us. The Mabotte Theater brings together professionals who perpetuate this old tradition with talent. Brilliant! So come and join them!

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Children make-up

Belgium - Wallonia

Ephemeral works of art on the most beautiful artworks of parents, time for children to play someone else!

Make-up artist : Viviane Desmet


La Compagnie Clé d’Hutte

Show for children and promenade (Belgium - Wallonia)

Abracadabra! (show for children)

It's ten years today that Grandpa's gone…

Eliott and Peewit, two brothers and grand-sons of Grandpa, meet to discover his hidden treasure in the garden. By opening the trunk, a multitude of memories resurface: tender years with Grandpa, forest walks, the hut in the orchard, the afternoons with the magician neighbour Gaspard, the first night at Grandpa's house and countless childhood stories...

But what did really happen on January 8, 2003?

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Musical market

Two reliable musicians, André Deru et Thierry Legros (from the band Salon Ambroisine), propose this year a musical market in Marsinne.

Do you wish to sell a musical instrument ?

Confide it to this stand for the day (taken back at 6:30 pm at the latest). Indicate the asking price or / and a mobile phone number where the potential buyer could contact you. André Deru and Thierry Legros will welcome the instruments with the biggest attention and will take care so that these objects undergo no damage. However, they cannot be held responsible in case of damage or theft.

do you wish to buy a musical instrument ?

Pay the asking price or, if necessary, contact the seller.