Saturday 7/09/2019

Dance workshop : Catalonia

With Anna Romaní and the band Romaní

Saturday 10:30 am

Dance workshop : Gascogne

With Lolita Delmonteil Ayral, Camille Raibaud and Laüsa

Saturday 12 pm



Ball (Spain - Catalonia)

Saturday 1 pm


Melchior Project

"Musical Traditions in Wallonia"

Conference with Marie-Hélène and Julien Maréchal

Saturday 1:00 pm

As part of the Marsinne Folk Festival, Marie-Hélène and Julien Maréchal, initiators of the project, will present every aspects of the MELCHIOR project, its challenges, its perspectives, its questions, and will of course allow you to listen to some nuggets.

An exchange time will also allow whoever wishes to share reactions or suggestions.


Ball (France)

Saturday 2:30 pm


Concert (Belgium - Wallonia)

Saturday 4 pm


Duo t’en Bal & Séverine Vliegen

Folk Ball / initiation (France / Belgium - Wallonie)

Saterday 4 pm


Bal au Centre

Folk ball (Belgium - Wallonia)

Saturday 6 pm

High Jinks Delegation

Concert (Belgium - Wallonia)

Saturday 7 pm


Folk ball (Belgium - Wallonia)

Saturday 8 pm


Concert (Austria)

Saturday 10 pm

Loened Fall

Fest noz (France)

Saturday 10 pm


Folk ball (France)

Saterday midnight

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