Big jam session (open to everyone)

led by Jonathan De Neck

Folk ball

Sunday 6 pm

Jonathan De Neck (Photo : Yves Barbieux)

As befits a music and dance festival, all eager musicians are invited to take the stage – the more, the merrier.

For a better organization of the event, we asked a musician to choose a repertoire beforehand and propose simple arrangements and also supervise the participants on that very day. This year, this challenge was proposed to the accordionist Jonathan De Neck.

Jonathan De Neck is an accordionist and composer. Alongside his own group, the Diab Quintet, he collaborates with many artists from various backgrounds, bringing his personal touch to a wide variety of musical styles (children's songs, folk music, spoken word, jazz, dance, etc.). You could see him on stage with Balbuzar, Nisia, Polk, Les Déménageurs, Récital Boxon, etc. Today he offers you his favorite dance music, a journey between traditional pieces and compositions by fellow musicians.

In practice, all the pieces are accessible both in the form of scores (with harmony and 2nd voices) and recordings on the following link :


  • no need to register
  • participants are welcome to take part in the entire jam session, but they can choose to play only some pieces if they want to or if they feel more at ease
  • to prepare this jam session, we invited you to come to the workshop with Jonathan De Neck on Sunday 11th of September from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Espace LEJEUNE (concert room)

For the meeting to start at the announced time, we invite those interested on Sunday 11th of September at 5:15 pm at the Espace SCHMITZ for placement and last indications. And at 6 o’clock pm… let the show begin !

Proposed pieces :

1. ANDRO - Les draps de lit (Hamon-Martin 5tet) / Andro (Trad.)

2. VALSE - L’abeille (J. De Neck) / Valse à Léa (J. Loneux)

3. SCOTTISHES - Esperanza (M. Perrone) / Scottish Finlandaise (Trad.)

4. JIGS - All alive and mery / Berwigk lasses (Trad.)

5. PLINN - Vero’s Pleen (J. De Neck)

6. MAZURKAS - L’inconnu de Limoise (M. Heintzen) / Mazurka des Écureuils (F. Zupi)

7. BOURRÉES 2 TEMPS - Je mène les loups (Y. Guilcher) / Chassepain (G. Chabenat)

8. REEL - Reel Beatrice (Trad.)

9. HANTER DRO (Trad.)

10. Suite de MARAÎCHINES (Trad.)

11. SCOTTISH - Adèle Blanc-Sec (F. Paris)

12. CERCLE CIRCASSIEN - Lu cunnighiu (Trad.) / Zelda (P. Plard) / Dazel (J. De Neck)

13. BOURRÉE 3 TEMPS (B. Le Tron)

14. MAZURKA - Candela (C. Brotto)

15. RIDÉE 6 TEMPS (Trad.)

16. ÖRDÖG ÚTJA (danse hongroise - trad.)

17. POLSKA - Trollpolska (efter S.-E Hansson)

18. BOURRÉE 2 TEMPS (F. Gambetta)

19. VALSE - Roly Gentle (K. Tickell)

20. POLKA - Monster Café (Blowzabella) / Finnish Polka (Trad.)