Dance workshop : Galicia

with Herminda Richer Lopez, Eva Fernandez & A Contrabanda

Sunday 12 pm


A Contrabanda (Photo: )


During this dance workshop we will discuss the muiñeira in detail. This lively and elegant dance is rhythmically related to the jig (6/8) and is danced at every party in Galicia. We learn the basic steps, followed by a number of variations, and work out a complete dance.

Then we will take a look at some basic steps of that other important Galician dance, the iota (3/4), so that everyone could be ready for the ball that follows!


Dansers : Herminda Richer Lopez and Eva Fernandez

Musicians: A Contrabanda

Annabel Araico Cao (bombo, tambor, pandereta)

Raphael De Cock (gaita, fluit)

Dorien Dekeyser (gaita, fluit)

Fabiene Demuynck (bombo, tambor, pandereta)

Karen Maria De Pooter (bombo, tambor, pandereta)

Françoise Legros (gaita, fluit)

Herminda Richer Lopez (bombo, tambor, pandereta)


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