Saturday 09/09/2023

Music workshop : swedish songs with Kongero

Saturday 10:30 pm – Espace LEJEUNE


Welcome to a delightful and fun Swedish Folk’appella singing experience. In our workshops we teach songs and tunes in 2- to 5-part harmony – all by ear. We work and experiment with genre specific sounds, grooves, articulation, improvisation, and ornaments. You will get tips and feed-back on vocal technique, intonation, tools for improving your singing together, basic arranging ideas, and we always have a lovely and fun time singing. The workshop will be held in English but we will sing in Swedish. The perfect crash course in to Swedish traditional singing tradition.

The four Kongero singers are all skilled and experienced workshop leaders. Two of us are educated vocal teachers and hold university degrees in singing and vocal technique. We have released two Song Books with the songs and arrangements we teach.

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Dance workshop : Opper-Brittannië with Planchée

Saturday 10:30 pm – Espace SCHMITZ


« Danses moins connues et méconnues du Pays Gallo »

Cet atelier sera l’occasion de faire le point sur certaines pratiques dansées passionnantes mais parfois mal connues de ce territoire composite qu’est la Haute-Bretagne. Nous articulerons le stage autour de deux pôles distincts : les branles à deux parties (passepieds, ronds de Loire-Vilaine) d’une part, les différents types d’avant-deux d’autre part. 

Niveau ou expérience requis : aucun

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Fest-deiz (France)  |  Saturday 1 pm – Espace SCHMITZ

Artists : 

Yannick Laridon (diatonic accordion)

Dylan James (bass, vocals)

Emmanuelle Bouthillier (violin, vocals, feet)


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Acoustic nap with Christian Pacher (France)

Saturday 12:30 am – Espace LEJEUNE


A concert that can be listened to lying down or seated, in the middle of the room, in a musical, soft and cosy atmosphere. No intense lights, microphones or applause that could break this charming moment.

Don’t hesitate to bring your own pillow or teddy bear to take a little nap at ease.

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Dance workshop: folk ball dances initiation

with Pierre Hurdebise & Tout bout d’chants

Saturday 12 pm – Espace MELCHIOR



During this workshop, Pierre Hurdebise, accompanied by the group “Tout bout d’chants”, will guide you step by step through some of the most common folk ball dances. They will provide the keys to getting a (new) foot on the ladder and feeling more at ease in all the folk balls of our festival... and from elsewhere!


Artists : 

Pierre Hurdebise (dance)

Tout bout d’chants (music)

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Tout bout d’chants

Folk ball (Belgium)  |  Saturday 2:30 pm – Espace MELCHIOR

Artists : 

Lucas Lejeune (violin, flute)

Frédéric Cornet (vocals, bodhran)

Olivier Cap (chromatic accordion, percussions)


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L’Envol (Youmi Bazoge)

Dance performance (France)  |  Saturday 3 pm – Espace LEJEUNE

Artist :

Youmi Bazoge (danse, violon)


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Duo De Schepper - Sanczuk

Folk ball (Belgium)  |  Saturday 4 pm – Espace SCHMITZ


Artists :

Anouk Sanczuk (violin)

Florian De Schepper (guitar)


Website : 

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Concert (Belgium / Italy)  |  Saturday 6 pm – Espace LEJEUNE

Musicians :

Wouter Vandenabeele (violin)

Bert Ruymbeek (chromatic accordion)

Francesca Manoccio (vocals)

Jan Debrabandere (guitar)

Laura Cortese (violin, vocals)


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Bouche à Oreille & Flic Flac Folk

Folkbal (België)  |  Zaterdag 18u00 – Espace MELCHIOR



Folk ball (Belgium)   |  Saturday 6pm – Espace MELCHIOR


Young and local!

Artists from the Eghezée (Bouche à Oreille / BàO) and Hannut (Flic Flac Folk) academies will be on stage to get us dancing!


Artists “Bouche à Oreille / BàO” :

Robin Vierlinck (xylophone)

Julien Verwilghen (chromatic accordion)

Louise Paindaveine (cello)

Lucie Lens (viola)

Jean Laurent (guitar)

Adrien Joris (transverse flute)

Diego Hannecart (harmonica)


Artists “FLic Flac Folk” : 

Loélia Winandy (harp)

Maëlys Savonet (transverse flute, percussions)

Aylin Onasci (recorder, violal)

Emma Melchior (cello)

Mélisande Lheureux (violin)

Léna Govahian (violin)

Elise Campinne (cello)


Trilogie de Solos

Folk ball (Belgium – France)  |  Saturday 8 pm – Espace SCHMITZ

Artists : 

Olivier Cap (chromatic accordion)

Emmanuelle Bouthillier (violin, vocals)

Youmi Bazoge (violin, vocals)


Website / Facebook : 

Olivier Cap :

Emmanuelle Bouthillier : 

Youmi Bazoge : 


Vidéos : 

Olivier Cap :

Emmanuelle Bouthillier : 

Youmi Bazoge : 

Sultanats Bnet Chaabi

Concert (Belgium)  |  Saturday 9 pm – Espace LEJEUNE


Artists :

Mehdiya Sultana (keyboard, vocals)

Souhaïla Riahi (percussions, vocals)

Karima Arabi (percussions, chant)

Jamila Akhdim (percussions, drums, vocals)

Kaoutar Abdou (percussions, vocals)


Website :  

Video : 


Duo Vargoz

Ball  (France)  |  Saturday 10 pm – Espace MELCHIOR 


Artists :

Robin Vargoz (violin, violin alto, feet, vocals)

Guillaume Vargoz (harmonicas)


Website : 

Video : 

Krakin’ Kellys

Concert (Belgium)  |  Friday 12  pm – Espace LEJEUNE

Artists :

Stephan Mossiat (bass)

David Leroy (vocals)

Matthieu Hendrick (guitar)

Olivier Drèze (drums)

Rémi Decker (bagpipes, flute)

Pierre-Yves Berhin (diatonic accordion)


Website : 

Video : 

Ciac Boum

Ball (France)  |  Saturday midnight – Espace SCHMITZ

Artists :

Julien Padovani (chromatic accordion, kick, vocals)

Christian Pacher (violin, diatonic accordion, vocals)

Alban Pacher (violin, guitar, vocals)


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