Marsinne 2021...



For you, loyal fans of Marsinne Folk Festival !


This year is again a special one and we took the time to consider what would be possible, what we might find possible… and what we would be able to organize given the present situation. The keyword remains “the unexpected”.

Despite the lifting of lockdown measures, the administrative procedures (especially the health-related ones) put off our group of volunteers, especially as we might be forced to adjust a wide range of things with regard to our usual format.

We decided not to organize the festival “as usual” this year…

But we miss you terribly ! So… despite everything we invite you on 11 September 2021 to a slightly different Flexival in which concerts will take center stage, for a change ! We will keep you updated concerning the line-up and the practical details.

Keep a small place in your agenda for this wonderful reunion while waiting for the Marsinne Folk Festival we all love in 2022 !

The Organizing Committee of the Marsinne Folk Festival    


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